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Call me anti-choice all you like, at least nobody will ever call me anti-life.


To call you anti-choice would be fitting.  To call me anti-life would be logically fallacious.  Do I support abortion as a choice?  Hell yes.  But you’re obviously forgetting that a pregnant person is alive, otherwise you wouldn’t actually think I’m anti-life.  And guess what? I also advocate for birthing rights.  I believe in giving our people full reproductive rights, to give them a choice.  My beliefs and actions surrounding this issue promotes a better quality of life for all who are able to experience it.  Your beliefs come out of a dystopian fiction, which I hope never becomes a reality.  But that’s naive of me to say, because for many people all over the world where abortion is banned—that is their reality.  They have to watch their family and friends suffer.  Why?  Because of people like you who think non-thinking, non-feeling fetuses are more important than people who can actually experience suffering.

Banning abortion does not get rid of it.  It just makes it more dangerous.  ~68,000 people die every year from unsafe abortions.  Millions more are injured permanently.  The World Health Organization has noted:

"When abortion is made legal, safe, and easily accessible, women’s health rapidly improves. By contrast, women’s health deteriorates when access to safe abortion is made more difficult or illegal." (And not just women are affected by this). [source]  

So, you’re still going to tell me that I’m anti-life?  Because I want to advocate for lives that actually matter?  For lives that are here and now and have family and friends and feelings?  You know, like your mother or your aunt or your friends?  Because approximately one out of three women* (excuse the binary language) have an abortion in their lifetime.  Statistically, you know a lot of people who have had or will have an abortion.

Your support in eliminating choice hurts people.  Maybe it’s time you started caring more about the actual people in your life than obsessing over mere fetuses that can’t even feel or think.

And some day, when you’re hopefully a little more educated and gain some empathy for people who are not you and are not fetuses, you’ll support social justice, specifically reproductive justice.  And you won’t do this because you have people in your life who can get pregnant but because you’re a decent human being who understands that people who can get pregnant deserve your respect.  In this society, dead people have a right to their own bodies.  Living people deserve to have more rights to their bodies than corpses do.

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